Happy Sunday!

Oh, what a day!

I woke up and looked around for Eggy, couldn’t find him, started calling for him and… found him sleeping in his cat bed (under my nightstand) looking at me like “What?!! I’m right here you nut!” Which, honestly made me crack up.

I cleaned and vaccummed (a happening that deeply vexes Eggy right off!, as he’s utterly convinced the vaccum is after him EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I use it). Silly furball.

Lunch/Supper was pan fried potatoes, bacon wrapped chicken breast stuffed with Wisconsin 3 cheese blend and a pot of delectable Spicy Red Dragon Chai tea. The best meal ever!

I am watching the 1st episode of Irregulars. Why hasn’t anyone told me about this program??!!!!! I am obsessed!

I am a very firm mystery buff. Like, I’ve read every Sherlock Holmes. I’ve read every Miss Marple. I’ve read every Hercule Perot! I have read mysteries most people haven’t even heard of (which is frankly sad because they are THAT awesome!) Hmm..I really should compile a list of my many favorite series.

For those who don’t know, the Irregulars, are the street orphans in the Arthur Conan Doyle books, used by Sherlock Holmes to get information that is hard to acquire without difficulty because street people see things but do not like outsiders. They have featured quite often in the books but, have never truly ever been featured as main characters, so much as, simply mentioned, as his Irregulars. I think it is perfectly fitting that they get a prominent story. I love it, in fact! I love it very very much!

I love even more that they’ve added a Supernatural element. I am completely and utterly hooked!

Bring on the binge watching!

::rustles in the fridge for a pint of ice cream::

That’s me and my Sunday, what you doin?

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