International Sign for Help

Keep in mind that this can also be done upside down as a person walks past you with their arms at their sides so the assailant can’t see (palm turned toward you) if walking toward you, and possibly even from behind them as they walk past…(palm toward you) It’s done in 3 parts. Fingers drawn in together, fold thumb in, drop the 4 fingers down into a fist. This signal is used most often in abuse, abduction, and when in serious danger with an aggressive person. The person might not be able to speak for fear their abuser or abductor will hurt them, so trust your instinct that something is wrong. This is usually accompanied by them locking eyes with you.. however briefly, to convey the seriousness of their motion signal, but even if they can’t give eye contact, take this gesture seriously. If a person slowly makes this signal repeatedly or flails their fingers to get your attention to the guesture, they are not doing it accidentally. You may be their only chance for help.

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