Start slowly. You can’t mend and repair an entire childhood of hurt in a single week. That shit took time to solidify and will take time to liquify.

Who says you can’t be a mess for awhile? Some of my best healing moments came from telling my angels and guides to (and I quote!) “Fuck off you fucking motherfuckers! I can’t take this shit anymore!” and then crying heaving, gut-wretching tears all over myself.

Being angry enough to scream is exhausting and after you are exhausted, you can’t move..and when you cannot move, you start listening. You are just lying there FINALLY quiet enough to just be still and hear. That small still voice inside you.

And that small still voice…has been waiting, soo fucking patiently..for you to finally stop being an ego and start being a person…a person who wants understanding. Wants that release. That peace and calm that can only come…from being humbly laid before your truths.

I was raw and I was terrified..but I was listening..

My God! I had soo much pain under all that mad! I started very slowly loving me.

That’s all..just standing up for my heart’s needs. Calling myself on every single bullshit lie I told myself. Sorting the excuses from the truly beautiful dreams.

I know you are in pain..but pain is just your heart telling you it needs something.

Pain exists so you know something is wrong..

Once you start the work of listening instead of drowning out your Intuitive voice, you start to heal in the most exquisite ways.

Start slowly..but, for fucks sake, start!

Stop talking. Start listening. Go still…hear your own voice.

The small still voice inside has something to say.

Don’t you think it’s time you listen?

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