Take a little sippy-sip from my cuppy-cup

I’m kinda excited. I just signed up for the Sips by tea subscription box.

Here are the details:

Before you even ask, NOPE, I’m not sponsored by them or even getting a free anything, just like the idea of it. I can’t even tell you if I like it or not yet, because I haven’t gotten my first box just yet.

I found the idea of doing a tea quiz to find your perfect tea matches neat and kind of interesting. Here are my results:

I don’t know why it says “Prefer No Chai..because I LOVE Chai..I contacted them about it because, the only thing I left out was Stevia flavoured teas because I dislike Stevia… we’ll see what they say about it.

I will, of course, let you know my comments on everything I try.

This is going to be a TON of fun!

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