I bought a waffle-maker! I announced this to my sister in text. She..with her unending dry wit, congratulated me…(I could practically see the eye roll)

Thing is, I’m not really a cook, I have slowly been learning… I’ve mastered hamburgers without an undercooked middle section and pancakes that aren’t still raw when you go to consume them. Yay me!

I woke up this morning and decided to give it a go. The following text conversation is my amazing sis talking me through operation “Bekki has no idea what’s she’s doing but she’s giving it a go anyhow!”

Follow along with the photos of the ensuing convo and enjoy the journey with me!

This is us:

You will notice her name on my cell is “A Shannon” that’s because I need her to be first on my contacts list.

I was definitely panicking about the directions to “Use a hand mixer” to make “stiff peaks” I have no mixer AND WTH are “stiff peaks?”
My arm is definitely hating me right about now, seeing as I just got my Covid shot in that very arm. Ouchies!
I find it completely hilarious that she felt the need to check that I #1 had a rubber spatula and #2 knew what one looked like. Hahahaha!
At this point, things got hilarious because Shay, being a true cook, couldn’t just instruct me…she got the itch to also make waffles. The next photo is her starting her own batch..lol
“Keep going? Holy shit!” This is me discovering that making “stiff peaks” was terribly hard on arms. 😱
I replied TG when she said my photo looked right…I wasn’t kidding! My arm was on fire dude! I have new respect for cooks…must have huge arm muscles!
At this point, Shay shows me a photo of her wisking Egg whites and “I’m like why? You have a mixer”…and she just goes..”I wanted to use my whisk!” What a nut! 🤪
But, do you haz the whipped cream?

And that..was us, being us-like.

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