I just fell in love with a building

Well, possible building. It’s a design concept put forth by NUDES architecture for San Jose, California. You all already know I’m kind of a whore for architecture, but I can’t help it with this one…look at it!!!

“in a bid to celebrate the importance of water in our lives, NUDES has conceived of a rainwater harvesting tower for san jose in california. the soaring ‘rain water catcher’ is a design proposal that aims to address the global impact of climate change by advocating the need for water conservation.

true to its concept, the form of the ‘rain water catcher’ is algorithmically derived through fluid, flowing lines and geometries that create an interlaced pattern defining the tower as an extension of the landscape. the use of cutting edge digital design and optimization tools aim to streamline the process from ideation to reality, minimizing wastage and fostering respect for the environment through the use of sustainable materials. “

It’s fucking beautiful! I’d get married here. I’d vacation. I’d take 20,000 photographs. This is beautiful…soo soo beautiful.

I love this..soo soo much!


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