Spring Cleaning!

I think I’m insane, just in case you wondered. I have compiled a list of cleaning to do today and, well, the list is incredible! I might just move and start over. What is it about Spring that has me rolling up my sleeves and cleaning shit nobody cares about? Ok, ok.. those who live here (Eggy and me!) care but, honestly, I am a freaking over-achiever!

Thus far, (this weekend and last weekend) I have cleared out my upper cabinets and restocked. Put away all my Winter gear (I’m up shit creek if the weather turns) replaced my old bedding with new Summer bedding (adds washing bedding to the list), cleaned and sanitized my impressive collection of masks (23 at last count!) and cleaned up the area below my nightstand.

This morning I have already done the dishes, cleaned and sanitized my frig, (no small feat given the number of storage containers I had to bravely open and dispose the contents of :::shudder:::) I also cleaned the little plastic dome that covers my lightbulb in the frig and that fucker cut my fingertips open! (my two favorite fingers, in fact) I bled all over the damned place!, and I’ve also taken my recycling to the recycling bins.

Each time I complete a large task I take a 30 min break as a reward.

Still left to do today and tomorrow:

• Vac and straighten the living area.

• Laundry (puts Winter bedding on the sub-list)

•Groceries (with my cute new groceries wagon!)

•Wash & Sweep Kitchen and Bathroom floors.

•Buy new litter and clean Eggy’s box (I keep it pretty clean given how small my place is but, I’m not liking the current litter my friend gave me as a cat-welcoming gift) I’m getting the stuff I initially bought again as I like it better.

•Declutter my dining table. (Sounds scarier than it is, the thing has become a catch-all for piles of books, mail and various other junk)

•Clean the under-sink area (this is annoying but doable.. meh! I hate clutter!

Ps. Eggy thinks I am nutso cutlet!

The frig contents is overwhelming!
Before ick!!
After! Much better. Damn! Now I need to get groceries!
Cleaned and sanitized!

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