This litter mat is amazing!

My cat, Eggy, is going for a Gold medal in litter tossing, or something! I literally find bits of it in my kitchen (the litter pan is in the bathroom!)

The problem with litter, is that it ends up everywhere! Even a few granules feels gross to step on when going stockless, which I do.. because sock-less is my constant happy state! Not soo happy when you step on bits of litter jammed into your soft heel or arch.

Also, I live in a studio apartment. Tiny….very tiny. Trying to keep a litterbox clean is hard enough (I have to clean it daily because the size of my apartment equals very bad smells if I don’t!) Without also needing to completely sweep the floor every single day because of litter underfoot.

Which is why I gave this funky mat I found a try. At $39 I was holding my breath, after all, that’s not cheap for a mat! The thing is, this one has these holes drilled into it! The holes catch the litter and keeps them below the level of the mat. Essentially trapping it and keeping it from traveling. Then, when you’re ready to clean it, you just..roll up the mat to keep the litter trapped, and then, unroll it over the trashcan. Oh my yes!!!

I officially love this thing!

Exquisicat mat

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