Pine Print!

Tom Booth, otherwise known on Instagram, as @Tomwilltell, is an amazing artist! His Pine series is legit one of the best things I have ever seen. You can check out his Kickstarter here. The Kickstarter was a complete success, and the resulting story-driven game is going to be amazing! Today I had the pleasure of pre-ordering a print of this art. My heart is soo chuffed! See, Pine, is a story of loss and the art hits me hard in the feels. It always has ever since I first encountered it. There is just some art, in the universe, that comes to rest inside you and refuses to leave. Pine, is one such series of pieces.

I plan to do this print up right. Full bar! Framing, matting and lighting. It means Soo much to me. I cannot express just how much.

Credit: Tom Booth @Tomwilltell on Instagram

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