Synastry homework pt 2

WOW. (How the hell did I forget all this?)

Sun Sextile Chiron:

“Linkage of Trust: This is clearly a couple with extreme healing power! The Chiron person is especially affected by the presence and personality of the Sun person. The trust here is underlined by the already present Sun Sextile Neptune aspecting. If there were any doubt that this couple is meant to heal one another this would blow it up with dynamite! When these two connect, even just over the phone, there is immediate ease and relaxing of the soul. They, quite literally, need one another. It’s not that they cannot live one without the other, it is that once they find each other, life is just that much easier and happy, soo much more at peace, that they cannot bear to part from that feeling of being understood and loved. If this couple ever did separate for any reason, they would probably eventually return to each other in some supporting form, neither of them able to disconnect from that ease of understanding completely.

Those observing these two together will sense a kind of relaxing that happens whenever they reconnect, if one steps away from the other or has been away for any length of time, this need to touch or look into the eyes of their partner will be apparent to all. They are confidantes, partners in crime, two mischievous forces that cannot be contained. It will be readily apparent to others that whenever these two get together there is just “something” extra about them. From extra giggly to extra intense, these two amp each other up in supportive ways that become a kind of hallmark of their couple that others notice and comment upon.

I’m sure I don’t need to say that this is a sign of a long-term partnership, the high level of trust means there will never be many secrets between these two, so an acceptance of one another’s faults is very important. Honesty is indeed crucial to them, simply by virtue of the fact that they cannot keep secrets from each other and any attempt to do so will immediately reveal it. I will say, that because of the healing aspect of this coupling, the couple in question will probably not really feel much of a need to keep secrets from one another, as the healing will typically eradicate most things they might have been tempted to hide.

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