Synastry work

I am blown away by the notes from this particular aspect I am working on. I just kinda forgot how amazing Sun Sextile Neptune was for this. Reading it over gives me chills. How cool is this aspect, for real?

Sun Sextile Neptune:

“Positively glowing! This aspect illuminates a couple who sympathizes and deeply understands one another. They soothe each another when they connect in any manner, whether physically, mentally or emotionally, they just “get” each other. They instinctively know the others personality and deepest needs. Water and Earth make for a growth-inducing combination, with both Sun signs in the same element, this couple has the ability to know without asking, what is most important and vital to their partner. The only caution would be in the area of aspects of the personality that they dislike about each other, as this too is keenly known and felt. This is only a caution, however, because if they have any sort of emotional maturity they will focus on acceptance of these vulnerabilities instead of resentment. They may notice flare-ups from time-to-time, so it’s important to note it.

This couple also shares a mutual spiritual bond that could be indicative of a soulmate connection. They bond so completely that there is a sense of having lived many lives together. They are so incredibly attuned to one another’s emotions, that there will often be no need for verbal conversation. They will each react without conscious decision to the immediate distress or concern of their partner, even before any others in the room know there is something to be addressed.

This combination is quite lovely in the area of dreams and spirituality. The Sun’s firmness, as an Earth element, blends incredibly well with Neptune’s dreamy creativity. The funniest part of this, is that looking at this chart this is usually flipped for the partners. A is generally the more focused and steady presence in the area of plotting and planning, however, the area B seems to be most comfortable, is in that of her connection to her spirituality. She is to spirit, as A is to structure. She navigates the realm of understanding, extremely well, the way in which healing and lessons are structured and navigated. A, being use to doing these things in a more career orientation, would do well to give B his trust to navigate him through any residual emotional turmoil he might have suffered in his youth. She knows the path well, and is incredibly structured even whilst dealing with concepts that have none. B will also be a vital link for A, in that her understanding of his personality allows her to know, instinctively the exact approach A needs when confronting his unresolved pain or scars from the past.

What I like about this combination, is that A and B both immediately respect and trust each other when it becomes apparent that one of them is floundering with something of which the other has a more intuitive understanding. There is no closing up or pushing away here, they trust each other so implicitly that they almost accidentally heal one another in extraordinary ways, almost effortlessly slipping in and out of painful shadows that have perhaps plagued their partner for absolute years. It’s like the trust makes a bridge past the instinctive barriers and walls that would plague anyone else.”

And people wonder why I adore TMW5T soo soo much.

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