Merge games

Ok, soo I’m enjoying playing a merge game and NOT enjoying playing a merge game at the same time. Why? Because I noticed the math involved in getting an item to level 12 which, granted most items don’t go up to, but even going up to level say, 8 takes 128 repetitive items and with only an 100 energy bar you are pretty much doomed to waiting for the game to regenerate the energy bar about 5 times. Unless you buy gems and replenish your energy bar…sly isn’t it?

See, it goes like this:

Level 1 starts as a simple item say, a screwdriver, in order to get a level 2 item you need 2 screwdrivers which you merge to create the new item. With me so far? Ok. Now, in order to get a level 3 item, you’re gonna need to double that order…using at least 4 screwdrivers because you need to create 2 sets of 2 in order to merge it…now to get to level 4, you’re gonna need to double that order again… that’s already at 16 screwdrivers and you are only at level 5. See where this is going? Then, there is this lovely twist, sometimes when you click you don’t get a screwdriver..sometimes you get a needle.. which can be used for a completely different line of items, oh! and that other item? It only comes up sometimes, as in, it comes up randomly. It comes out less often so you’ll need to click on the toolbox that produces the screwdrivers multiple times to get one or two of that more random one. Oh, and each “toolbox” only generates a set amount of “screwdrivers” at a time before it too needs time to regenerate. (Seriously?) So, even if you HAVE a completely full energy bar, if you are going for only 1 toolbox you are going to have a wait to click more..unless, you guessed it! You buy gems! Quite the little tricky trick eh!?

In order to reach a level 12 item you, in fact, would need to produce that screwdriver 2048 times, not counting random other produced items. That means that the 100 energy bar will need to be replenished 20.4 times to obtain the coveted level 12 item. (Huff)

and yet, I keep playing. 🤔

I’ve kinda decided to never use gems to play this game since, clearly, spending money doesn’t even drop in the bucket of the amount needed to get to the highest levels. Better to just casually play throughout the day with several hours between sessions.

My opinion on merge games is this, they are fun but you definitely can’t be in a hurry to get anywhere without lots and lots of patience.

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