I adore these!

In England I always heard the saying “Should I Play Mother?” when people poured tea.

Shall I be mother? ‘ is one of the comforting phrases of the British way of tea. It is deeply embedded in the foodways of Anglophone tea, and means, more or less, ‘I volunteer to pour out the tea from the teapot’. … ‘Mother’ is an actor-director role in the theatre of tea-time.

By the way, they drink tea a hell of a lot in the UK. I visited a friend with M and they offered me tea no less than 7 times! I stopped at 2. We were only there 2 hours! M drank 7 cups of tea. That’s just nuts ok! In a day the most used item in the English kitchen was hands down the kettle. That’s why American tea bags stored for months and months completely baffles the English, they quite literally don’t have tea bags in for that long. It’s like keeping bottles of soda in for months on end in the US, it wouldn’t last in a normal home.

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