My Roommate is a Gumiho EP.1

Hmm… interesting. The premise of the show goes like this:

To become a human, a 999-year-old Gumiho, Shin Woo-yeo needs to fill his fox bead with human energy before he turns 1,000 years old. One day, a college girl, Lee Dam, accidentally swallows Woo-yeo’s fox bead.

Lee Dam is trying to help her fellow college student home from a drunken night as he attempts to get over his recent break- up. (Funniest moment there was her snatching his phone away before he can drunk call his ex, what made it soo funny was that he had just started rant cursing her (his ex) only seconds before and Lee Dam instinctively knew he was going to immediately act in opposition of his words, and thus knew to snatch the phone from him. Sorry but that shit was funny as hell. We’ve all been there honey!)

As Lee Dam tries to get him home he gets away from her and runs helter-skelter down the street shouting his ex’s name. She finally finds him passed out lying across an expensive car after having puked all over it. She attempts to apologize to Woo-Yeo, who’s car it happens to be, but he seems more-or-less unfazed by life..until, Lee Dam falls backward. Woo-Yeo tries to stop her fall only to have his fox bead leave his lips and fall into her mouth on the way down. Oops! Due to this she passes out, apparently this happens to everyone who swallows a fox bead..or something.

She wakes on Woo-Yeo’s couch. (They never do actually explain exactly what happened to her drunk ass friend tbh) and he explains that he’s a Gumiho and she’s swallowed his bead. She’s all in her own head like “wow, he looks cute and all but he’s actually nutso cutlet” and he decides to fast forward the formalities and reveals his true form after warning her to try not to pass out. Boom! He’s a 9 tailed fox…and of course she passes out AGAIN!

She wakes on his couch…AGAIN. and remembers he’s a scary liver-eating Gumiho. (Only, flashbacks of Woo-Yeo’s life teaches us #1 he’s the only male Gumiho AND #2 he has no idea where this crazy liver rumor started from.)

He tells Lee Dam that he’d like her to move in with him, only he has no time to explain why.. because Lee Dam has already run away the moment his back is turned (as you do in such fucked up situations!)

Lee Dam scarpers off home terrified and scared that Woo-Yeo is going to catch up to her and we see someone is following her…she gets home and hides. Someone’s trying to break in..only.. it’s her brother, who proceeds to question her sanity. (basically he thinks she’s weird normally but acting particularly weird now and decides she must be hangry… 😂)

She wakes him straight out of sleep a bit later (scaring the hell out of him because she’s staring at him in the dark) asking if he can possibly kill the Gumiho with his archery skills if it breaks in…once again, her brother is convinced that she’s lost her marbles and threatens HER with his bow with practice arrow pointed in her face.

The next day, on the bus, she bumps into a guy and suddenly feels very very sick. The guy notices her discomfort and assumes she has diarrhea and need a bathroom..which he announces to the ENTIRE bus. The bus driver stops the bus and Lee Dam hobbles off in complete horror. She proceeds to finally get to school and tells her friend she doesn’t know what’s wrong with her… she’s not on her period and doesn’t need to go to the bathroom. Her male friend sneaks up on her and hugs her from behind which results in her pain growing until she passes right out again. (She passes out a lot!)

She realizes it has something to do with the damned Gumiho and she goes to see him. He touches her face and the agonizing pain goes away. He explains that any guy who touches her,who was born year of the Tiger, will make her very ill, as the tiger is the fox’s natural enemy. Umm…if you say so. He says he must protect her and his bead. He notices with shock that his fox bead is flashing in blue instead of red, which apparently is a sign of the bead gaining the energy needed to turn Woo-Yeo human..which, apparently, is his dearest wish. Lee Dam realizes she’s gotta move in with him because her entire class is year of the fucking tiger and she needs Woo-Yeo’s touch to heal the pain.

We see her next at home trying to pull a fast one on her brother, trying to convince him she’s leaving to live with a girlfriend. Her brother only briefly wonders aloud if she’s possibly moving in with a man…and not doing a school project with female friends like she claims, before discarding the idea because she’s not all that pretty (her brother really is hilarious) He asks if he should call their parents (who are abroad) and Lee Dam points at their family motto which appears to be something like “figure out your own shit!”

Lee Dam is all packed but decides to stop and get some personal protective gear. A stun-gun should do nicely right!? She hears a news cast about mutilated bodies being found in the city..and adds pepper spray to the pile.

Cut to her entering Woo-Yeo’s home only to trip and dump her bag containing the stun gun AND pepper spray right in front of him..oops! She lies and says they are presents for him…which, fools absolutely nobody. That night she worries how she will ever sleep…only to cut to her snoring like a buzzsaw hours later.

Woo-Yeo explains to Lee Dam that he must leave on business and Lee Dam barely contains her glee realizing that he’s leaving the house!! Oh..and he tells her he’s paid off her student fees for the year. No fool Lee Dam coyly mentions she really shouldn’t accept….does he need her bank information?

We next see Lee Dam’s friends convincing her to go to a bar that night..with Woo-Yeo gone she figures, why not? Of course, we see why not immediately. Tons of men surround Lee Dam and, though she tries to avoid letting anyone touch her..all it takes is a guy picking up her dropped cell phone to immobilize her once again…clearly year-of-the-tiger.

I will stop here to say how fucking annoyed I was with Lee Dam’s so-called “friends” who convinced a friend to go out drinking and then leaves her to fend for herself? Lee Dam is in serious trouble as the “helpful” guy who pick up her cell phone decides she’s drunk and “helps” her leave the bar towards his flat. Lee Dam is practically catatonic with the fact that he’s got his hands all over her and I gotta admit, when Woo-Yeo shows up having felt her pain through the bead-link, I was kinda relieved. The creepy guy was really really creepy in soo many ways. Woo-Yeo stops the guy who questions if Woo-Yeo is really her friend. His response is to ring Lee Dam’s phone using his own. It rings in creepy guys pocket. Woo-Yeo asks why creepy has Lee Dam’s phone in his pocket and snatches it back. Creepy guy is not to be deterred so easily and insists hes her friend too. He’s brought up short however, when Woo-Yeo asks creepy what her name is then? Woo-Yeo starts to lead Lee Dam away but creepy decides to fight him… only to get tossed several feet backward onto the ground from a gut punch from Woo-Yeo who doesn’t even bother to turn around. I cheered! Creepy really made me hate him (good acting whoever played made me hate you like a pro!)

The final scene has Lee Dam apologizing for causing such trouble. She promises to be more careful. I like that she realizes her mistake and admits it. Woo-Yeo explains that he knows she’s scared of him but, that she shouldn’t because she has his bead and that means she has nothing to fear of he must protect his bead and thus her, at all costs.

He explains that a human cannot keep the bead inside them for more than a year, this perks Lee Dam up as she nievely thinks that means no matter what happens it will all end in a year…to which Woo-Yeo frowns and tells her that if they don’t fix the problem before a year passes she will die. I like that he doesn’t sugar-coat it here and tells her the straight awful truth no lying. I’m sure it’s his detachment from soo many years among people but separate from them, I mean 999 years probably feels like it will never end. I’d be kinda detached by then too. Still, I’m a gal prefers the truth no matter I kinda respect his honesty here.

Hmm.. interesting. I like it. Oh, I should mention that at one point Woo-Yeo met up with a female Gumiho that he’s known for a very long time but hasn’t seen in 75 years. She apparently has become full human… she’s kinda dumb though but, I feel she’s gonna play a role in shenanigans later.

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