The Love Jump

You need to understand that love is a choice. It’s not about whether or not that person loves you back, it’s about you facing every single reason not to love them from fear of rejection to fear of not being good enough and leaping anyway. It’s about you letting your heart be open to it. Jumping in and embracing possibility. Taking a leap that has every chance of failing, and leaping anyway, because your love is worth it!

You might fail, that’s honesty..but, you might not fail! Failing to leap leads to never knowing…and that..that, my sweet, is far worse than leaping and learning it wasn’t meant to be.

Never knowing…is a dream that repeats itself without end. Never knowing steals your future. Never knowing idles the heart in a place where the love that seeks you cannot find you. How can your future love find you, if you are still stuck on the fear of not being loved back? Truth frees you to acceptance. Truth is truth. It heals you and moves you further along your path.

Who says they won’t love you back, who says? What if the only thing standing in your way, is you?

Self- love, is loving yourself enough to express that love. How many opportunities have you lost to lack of belief in your own loveability?

As a Capricorn, our greatest fear isn’t confession of love, it’s fear of not being loved back. That fear I know horribly well. The day I loved me enough, was the day I granted myself the right to love whomever my heart chooses.

If you feel something, say something. That’s my new personal self-love rule.

I know it’s scary, it’s supposed to be scary…if you don’t face this scary thing, you aren’t ready to love someone with all parts of yourself.

So the real question is, do you love yourself enough yet? Do you love yourself enough to leap right into the abyss? That is your teaching moment. Your test in this life is learning to love yourself enough to leap.

Jump! Your love is worth fighting for.

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