I will post my episode reactions soon

I’ll post my episode 2 reactions for My Roommate is a Gumiho tomorrow. It was an incredibly packed episode (meaning there was a lot to react to) and I feel a bit guilty because I’ve only done notes on the first 30 minutes.

It doesn’t help that I’ve fallen victim to a Web Toon addiction. I can’t help it! I freaking love them! The current binge reading is for Let’s Play the characters are sizzling hot 🥵 but, the real fun is in the situational humor. Omfg! I laughed soo soo much! If you haven’t had the chance to experience Web Toon, you need to do so, soon! Best time of my day. I refuse to admit which of the guys (Linc, Marshall or Charles) sets my panties on fire. Noneya!

Credit for images above goes to @mongrelmarie (IG account) she’s the creator.

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