My Roommate is a Gumiho Episode 2

Not gonna lie, this episode was jam-packed with information. They clearly have a lot of back-story and explainations that need sussed out to move the story along, so this episode is just full of dialog moments.

The first scene reconnects to the last episode where Woo-Yeo informs Lee Dam that she needn’t worry, he’s not gonna let her die, it’s just the worse case scenario. She’s a bit annoyed (rightly so) that he seems really flippant about something like her dying. By highlighting this moment in the scene we realize how time has affected Woo-Yeo and how he’s a bit unaffected by a humans emotional feelings. We immediately understand that he’s come to live soo long that he’s no longer connected to things that matter greatly to others. Life, for him, is unending..a thing like dying, might, in fact, be slightly a relief to him.

One amusing thing to me watching this episode is noticing Woo-Yeo’s reactions to having another being in his home space. You can just tell that he doesn’t like some things about humans. How messy they are, how they grumble and comment, while at-the-same-time, these very annoying things are bringing him out of himself. He’s interacting and probably hasn’t done so, for many years.

While Woo-Yeo is going through these emotions, Lee Dam has some of her own going on. She takes opportunities to “guilt trip” Woo-Yeo with a few horror movie moment when she pops up in the garden window, comes up from under the counter with a knife, fumes about having to enjoy eating stir-fry now because she might not live to eat it ever again. Late-night snacks because “I might die”, furious chopping.

Lee Dam also causes a chuckle when she quietly comments on things around her like couples PDA in the park and how usually they’d annoy her, will she miss out on fall colors next year? Spots her friend and has a moment of irritation thinking “this is all your fault!”

Her friend invites her to go out and have chicken and beer. Lee Dam thinks “I might as well enjoy chicken and beer like no tomorrow, cause I might die!” And proceeds to get very very drunk (as anyone would do tbh in this kind of life moment)

As Lee Dam walks drinking home she trips and falls on her stomach. She spots a round shape on the ground glowing red in the headlights and thinks she’s coughed up the bead. She rushes home in drunk glee, and shows it to Woo-Yeo, who informs her that her “bead” is, in fact, a dirty piece of round red candy someone dropped onto the sidewalk (wah-wah-wah)

Lee Dam has a sudden attack of the “urks” and moves to throw up in the nearest vase or open recepticle which, (hilariously) Woo-Yeo is having nothing to do with..we see him using his powers to levitate all Lee Dam’s possible choices until he can get her to the bathroom. (This was just plain hilarious because the guy was completely unruffled at the start of Episode 1 and even stated he never uses his powers for mundane things. Well, look at him now! He grumbles that Lee Dam has him doing such things. He can’t believe he’s using his powers like parlor tricks. Lol.

The next day we see Lee Dam and Woo-Yeo sitting across from one another, she apologizes for getting drunk and being irresponsible. (I am still impressed by how self-aware and honest she is about herself throughout both episodes. She also shows quite a lot of integrity)

Woo-Yeo presents her with a contract. He tells her in return for him working to get the bead out of her body she must promise to keep the bead safe for him.

No Beer as it could incapacitate her and hurt the bead.

No chicken. As chicken blood was used to ward off evil and it will make her feel sick.

No touching anyone born year of the Tiger because apparently this weakens the bead, and will make her horribly ill, as the Tiger is the natural enemy of the Gumiho.

This, understandably, frustrates Lee Dam as she points out, this could be her last year of life, but he’s expecting her to live it feeling depressed? She blows up saying “If I can’t have beer or chicken why would I want to live?”

No men born year of the Tiger? How’s she supposed to know which men are born then? Doesn’t that mean she can’t touch ANY men? Woo-Yeo agrees that it does. And Lee Dam clarifies that does this mean she can’t “do other things with men either?” To which Woo-Yeo seems particularly happy to agree, that this means she can’t touch ANY men in any way. (I can’t help it, this was kinda funny) reluctantly Lee Dam signs the contract. We can totally relate to the pouty way she does so given how unruffled Woo-Yeo is by what he’s asking her to do. We can kinda see that he’s not emotionally invested in Lee Dam’s feelings because he’s not really been around people for 75 years or more.

Nonetheless, we do see Lee Dam trying extremely hard to live up to her end of the bargain. I found this fact extremely endearing given how much of her life Woo-Yeo is asking her to change. She’s told she might die within a year, that she can’t eat foods she likes AND that she can’t be touched by anyone in her class, which puts the burden on her to be vigilant 24/7 due to her entire class being year of the Tiger. I think Woo-Yeo needs a bit of educating on that front, not gonna lie.. he’s got no idea how much he’s asking of her.

We see Lee Dam avoiding men to the point of making a spectacle of herself and even getting somewhat hurt as she falls rather than be touched by the popular guy who is confused by her going so far out of her way to ignore and avoid him. This has the unfortunate effect of intriguing him all the more.

Woo-Yeo meets up with the female Gumiho Yang Hye Sun, who asks a lot of questions about Lee Dam and the situation Woo-Yeo has found himself in. She asks if he’s finally found his type. He tells her he finds Lee Dam interesting, he thinks about how the bead turned blue unexpectedly when he was with Lee Dam, but doesn’t share this with Hye Sun. Hye Sun points out that the bead will keep stealing Lee Dam’s energy. (Say what again?) and Woo-Yeo looks a bit worried at this. He says he will not let Lee Dam die.

We now catch up with Lee Dam as she’s grumbling to herself on the way home about all her many grivences. She can’t eat yummy food and now she’s hungry. (Hangry girl party of one!) once she gets home she’s gotten herself quite frothed up angry. Informs Woo-Yeo that she wants a contract too. (Hilariously she mirrors the exact wording and actions of Woo-Yeo when he presented HIS contract to Lee Dam)

In her contract Lee Dam says she has 3 demands also. Namely:

Woo-Yeo must actively find a solution to getting the bead out and give her updates on his progress and plans.

Has to stop cold gazing at her as it gives her the creeps (he’s confused by what she means and she points out “you’re doing it right now!”)

Has to stop smoking as it probably enters her body by secondhand smoke and therefore is harmful to the bead.

I’m pretty darn certain this ‘stop smoking’ thing is literally just her finding something to annoy and inconvenience him as much as all his rules inconvenience her. As petty goes she’s definitely being petty as hell, but I kinda agree with it…cheeky sure, but honestly this is probably the quickest method to making him understand what he’s asked her to go through.

After hearing her demands, Woo-Yeo calls her bluff (and bluffing it was as she was hoping for a negotiation on his terms for her contract) and agrees to it scoffing that he just smokes because he likes it and human habits are nothing to the mighty Gumiho. He immediately signs the contract and smugly regards her shocked expression.


Several hours later, we see Woo-Yeo with a pack of cigarettes. Zoom ..Lee Dam confiscates them. A few hours later…Zoom .again he loses his pack. After the third time she steals his pack of cigarettes we see a quite comical expression on Woo-Yeo’s face, one we can’t immediately identify but, what looks like dismay.

He gets subtle revenge through lectures about Lee Dam’s messy eating habits, her manners and her dressing attire. To which she wonders if he’s not being a bit…cranky- crank. To which Woo-Yeo scoffs and denies. As she walks away Lee Dam can’t help but mutter quietly that “Now you know how I feel not being able to eat chicken or drink beer!”

At school Lee Dam encounters the popular boy, Gye Seon Woo, again. He’s definitely intrigued by Lee Dam and asks her to buy him a vending machine drink as a ploy to get her to see him again. When Lee Dam tells him to just keep the money he owes her, he takes her phone and puts in his number. Tells her to answer when he calls, to which Lee Dam replies that he shouldn’t have taken her phone without her permission. This, of course, totally throws Seon Woo, as he’s completely use to girls drooling all over him dying to get his number. We see his private thoughts as he recalls that his parents gave him a name that means friendly and that he’s not at all like his name, in fact, he feels that he’s too pretty, too rich, and that his life is just too easy, which makes him treat people who fawn over him because of these things, quite coldly. He is interested in Lee Dam because she seems to be oblivious to these things.

We cut back to Lee Dam who is walking home. She sees a strange light in the house basement and is a bit curious. Looking down she drops her cell into the stairwell and has to retrieve it. She hears creepy noises and opens the door to investigate. Kicking the piece of wood that was holding the door open, it slams shut, locking her in, cue creepy horror movie music and dark forboding aura, when suddenly, out of the darkness comes, Woo-Yeo… slightly flustered Lee Dam asks him to let her out..with forboding tone, Woo-Yeo says she can’t leave… because he’s locked in here with her….(dun dun dun!)… because she just knocked the broken door shut and he was looking to fix it with a drill, now they need to call a repairman because the door won’t open without the handle. Oops!

Woo-Yeo tells her there is only one way out now. Lee Dam puts out her hand to teleport out and Woo-Yeo corrects her saying no, he wants her cell to call the repairman..he can’t teleport from here because this is his treasure house and teleport will have strange effects on the belongings. This makes Lee Dam curious and she walks around looking at his treasures. She gushes over a few of his artifacts and he learns that she is, in fact, a history major who dreams of being a museum curator one day and loves historical dramas. She marvels that he is soo lucky to have lived soo many eras of history. I find the expressions here interesting because Lee Dam is extremely envious of Woo-Yeo having lived Soo much, and we can clearly see Woo-Yeo processing that she has no idea what it’s like living 999 years alone. She asks him what it feels like to have lived soo long, his response is quite revealing as he says “Nothing. It doesn’t feel like anything”

At this point Lee Dam realizes she’s said something kinda upsetting to Woo-Yeo and changes the subject by spotting an ancient pipe nearby. Woo-Yeo reveals he’s been smoking nearly 400 years. This stuns Lee Dam as she takes in the fact that she basically forced the man to quit a 400 year smoking habit on a petty whim, a man who’s legit her elder. She apologizes profusely and tells him just to smoke again. He tells her he thought it would be easy to quit a habit and that he’s realized how unreasonable his requests of Lee Dam truly were, and that he has decided to continue quitting to share in her struggle.

Lee Dam flushes and admits she was being a bit rude to someone she thought sounded like her grandfather, but, now, she says, she realizes it’s more like he’s actually older than even her great great grandfather.

She spots a wind-chimes and marvels over how she’s never seen one quite the same as this one, and Woo-Yeo tells her to go ahead and take that one for herself. Lee Dam is struck with surprise and asks “Can I really have it?” to which Woo-Yeo says “Sure I bought it recently for about $7” hahahahaha. (They gots the jokes.)

They get rescued by the repairman and return home. Seeing Lee Dam watching a man eating chicken on tv, he feels bad and decides to cook her a meal. We see an impressive montage of Woo-Yeo cooking expertly in the kitchen and then he presents her with it. She asks if he’s going to eat and he informs her that Gumiho don’t need to eat. That he only eats for pleasure. This is when Lee Dam realizes he only made this food for her to feel better. She takes a bite and…. it’s absolutely horrid! (Hahahaha!) This made me laugh because they made such a big production of him preparing the meal making it look like a cool montage of sexy… literally cooking badly while looking like chef material. (Hahaha….good one show!)

Woo-Yeo realizes immediately that Lee Dam is lying about the food being good..even though she choked it down and lied about it being yummy. Lol. And tells her he’s going to go get takeout. Immediately after he leaves she feels the small bit she ate wanting come out. She rushes to the bathroom and hilarity ensues as the toilet backs up. Lee Dam decides maybe she could just die now, (Hahahaha!) rather than confess the situation to Woo-Yeo. While she’s struggling she gets a call from Seon Woo who wants her to come out for drinks. She shuts him down and says she has more pressing problems with a backed up toilet. Thinking this is just an excuse he persists and Lee Dam asks him to either help her or go away. He calls her back with a how-to quite on fixing the problem and it actually works! Lee Dam crows happily into the phone that it’s fixed and says she’ll refer to him as ‘toilet fairy’s from now on (hahahaha!) then she immediately hangs up on him. Seon Woo is somewhat amused as he muses “She really was dealing with a backed up toilet” he’s extremely amused that she actually told him the truth. (Pretty sure most girls don’t confess that over the phone)

Woo-Yeo comes home and Lee Dam rushes to him worried. She says she just pooped and wants to know if the bead is gone? Did she poop it into the sewers? Can he see it still inside her? She’s soo concerned that she’s not really aware that she’s just confessed all this embarrassing information. I find this very revealing about Lee Dam because she literally called him and put off his coming home because she didn’t want him to know she backed-up the toilet but, the moment it could hurt him she confesses it without pause.

He says the bead is fine, and asks why she’s worried as if she had pooped it out she’d be freed from the issue of dying in a year. She replies that she wants the bead to come out safely, but not at the expense of losing his bead and his dream. That she cares about his life and her own. That her life can’t come at the expense of his own. This tells me clearly about the heart and integrity of Lee Dam and clearly Woo-Yeo notices it too.

Lee Dam asks Woo-Yeo what she should call him now she knows he’s much older than she is, calling him by his surname is disrespectful, so they agree on Sir. Which, I noted, he seemed a tiny bit dissatisfied with. I’m thinking he doesn’t like to be reminded of the age

A bit later we see Woo-Yeo is having a dream brought on by the sound of Lee Dam’s new wind-chimes. She spots him wandering the garden and asks if he is ok.

Lee Dam tells Woo-Yeo that she had only previously been thinking of her situation and not his. That he’s been dreaming this one dream for many many years and she doesn’t want to be to be the reason his dream fails, that she feels responsible. He’s shocked and asks why she feels responsible. Which she doesn’t really answer. She says they should push through it and that the good days will come in the end. This prompts Woo-Yeo to recall how much Lee Dam cried the previous day alone in her room, when she was processing the possibility of her death. This shows that he’s growing ever more keenly aware of her feelings and, in fact, it’s not sitting right with him. He flashes back to talking with Hye Sun, telling him he already knows how to remove the bead (Say what again?!) He turns to Lee Dam and tells her she won’t remember anything that it will feel like a dream. He goes to remove the bead by kissing her? Only to have the bead turn blue for the second time. He stops himself and instead crushes Lee Dam to him in an embrace.

Hmmm… interesting. No wonder he wasn’t concerned as much about her possible death..he already knows how to remove it, which makes me realize he needs her to be near him because of that blue color indicating something quite significant about Lee Dam’s affect on his bead. I’m thinking him turning human is all about the bead being affected by the way they feel toward each other. We shall see what happens next.

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