Daily Update

I’m doing much better. Something about spending a few days meditating, playing merge games endlessly (I totally completed the 7 day challenge in 1 day. I got my energy juice prize by God! It’s really cute too! It’s a big juice business shaped like a barrel that gives energy every 30 minutes without end! Go me!) and eating endless (and by endless I mean 2) pints of Cherry Fudge Chunk ice cream (Kemp’s) that just helps put things in perspective.

Also, my cat snores. Did you know cat’s snored? I didn’t know cat’s snored. I should have known, but I didn’t. Eggy is snoring near me lately and it’s the cutest damned thing I might die!

My cactus has gotten a huge amount of attention apparently. I posted this photo to FB:

and everyone went wild over the cactus sitting in my chair. Yes, I do put my cactus on a piece of shelving and onto my chair. It helps him get some sun and still allows me to use the chair when he’s not sunbathing. I have limited space in this cheezit sized apartment. Win-win. His name is Don Prickles (After Don Rickles who did the voice of Mr Potatohead) and yes, I do move him to a nearby table when I want to use the chair. My friends think I’m weird..but, it’s just normal for me.

If you are wondering why a lot of my posts are all private now, just ask the guys trying to troll for personal details by searching my blog to hack my life. Yup.. That happened! I’ve been informed that my email, home address and TN are now on the dark web. Isn’t life fun?! #1 I don’t give out personal details on my blog if I can help it. #2 I answer security questions with answers unrelated to the question. Who says the answer has to be what someone expects? #3 I have every kind of block you can imagine on my email, cell AND apartment (oddly enough)

Anyway, I’m being more careful. I have to be proactive about this stuff because nobody is going to do it for me.

Beyond that, I’m ok I promise.


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