Totally in love with my heating pad right now!

Well, hell. I discovered today that I have what I suspect to be a kidney infection. How do I know? I’ve been blessed with cramping of my organs and kidneys. It hurts as much as you think. I’m going to try and tough it out until my days off but, I definitely need antibiotics. Sigh* This probably means no soda for a few weeks. You can’t tell but I’m weeping. No sugar until I get better, I can just forecast the doctors orders already.

My heating pad was the solution I needed. It took me lots of pacing until I remembered I bought one. Omg! 😱 I love this thing soo soo much right now. Unrelated but, do you know the best thing about this heating pad? It’s Thermal too! Thermal heating pads heat sore muscles through moisture. I forgot I had this but, mama loves him now!! Maybe this way I’ll be able to sleep tonight. Cross your fingers it doesn’t cause problems at work tomorrow. Sigh* Good thing I have insurance and extra money on hand, some people don’t.


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