The Great Coffee Secret part 1

Brenda always tried to be like Sandra. Sandra had this amazingly psychic way about her that translated to her being the perfect assistant to Chiffon Mon Du Perrier, the fashion diva known the world round. Everyone talked about how demanding Mon Du was, how exasperating, aggravating and dismissive her manner was and how she literally used up assistants within days, not years, of employment.

What nobody could ever figure out was how Sandra did it. She seemed to know exactly the right thing to say. The right things to do, the exact thing to keep Mon Du from firing her the way she luxuriously did for hundreds, nay thousands, of others without batting an eye.

She made people cry. She terrified people who were considered bullet-proof elsewhere. She left seasoned professionals quivering in her wake like broken dolls. And yet, Sandra didn’t even shiver. She didn’t bat an eye! She calmly stood in the eye of the hurricane and tilted her head studying it with a mocking little smirk of endless a chastising mother hen observing her naughty chick.

There were rumors, bets, long-standing conjecture, that Sandra must have something on Mon Du, something soo downright illicit that Mon Du didn’t dare appose her. Others thought they had a secret love affair and that Mon Du loved her soo passionately that she couldn’t bring herself to upset Sandra. Of course no one could believe Mon Du was capable of such passion, I mean .the woman was like a glass of ice!

In fact, Sandra was soo essential to a successful endeavor, nobody even attempted to approach or even speak with Mon Du, without her present. It just never worked out if she wasn’t available.

If Sandra came down ill, entire meetings were rescheduled. Fall lines halted, magazine layouts paused. Anyone who was anyone in the fashion industry knew, if Sandra wasn’t, neither were they!

(The Great Coffee Secret) part 1

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