I don’t think the issue is that you feel strongly about an issue. I think the problem is that you believe that because you believe soo strongly in the issue that you don’t have to take into account anyone else’s belief. Wrong.

There are many factors involved in belief.

Some beliefs are inherited from our families. We grow up seeing our family supporting this belief and eventually come to adopt it into our own life, despite having no actual reason beyond family history to support having that belief.

Some beliefs come from repetition. If you see it, hear it, experience it, enough, you come to believe it must be true.

Some beliefs come from misinformation. You hear something that sounds right or feels correct, but don’t actually know for certain that this information is accurate. You just believe because someone you trust has stated it as fact but, unknown to you, they also heard it from someone who heard it from someone else.

Some beliefs come from selfishness. Someone changed facts to fit their own narrative and then presented it to you altered so that you would agree with them.

This is why it is not only healthy, but important to your own growth, to question your beliefs and challenge them frequently. Questioning your beliefs doesn’t just help you see more than one viewpoint on an issue, it helps you understand the specific reasons you believe or don’t believe in something.

I question my beliefs regularly and encourage others to educate me on a topic I don’t understand. My beliefs are structured on the solid foundation of integrity, love, and empathic understanding.

I not only know why I believe what I believe, I understand why I don’t believe in what I don’t believe in.

I study other viewpoints and beliefs to help me better understand why people believe the things they do. I cannot promise to agree, but I will not refuse to hear.

If I find my belief is wrong, I change it. I’m not afraid to learn. Once I understand why I believe what I believe, I feel firmer footing when it comes to defending my belief or explaining why I do not support your own belief.

I am a Taoist.

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