Eggy update

So far I’ve learned that Eggy:

Loves Whitefish, but farts every time he eats it.

Sounds super adorable when he snores.

Bites my ankles if I don’t pick him up immediately upon getting home. Put away groceries? Nope. I bite you! Go bathroom? Nope. I bite you! Take off your coat? Nope. I bite you!

Loves to toss toys while running after them. Like a freaking track star!

Chirps at pigeons he sees out the window.

Loves to get under my sheet and sleep all snuggly buggly.

Will over sympathize if I have the flu, to the point of also throwing up..if I do. Weird!

Definitely loves Catnip. Like a fucking lot! Like…a lot! A LOT!!

Thinks peppermint and chocolate mint are catnip and will try to inhale it from my breath someone quitting cigarettes.

Only uses the tip- top of his tower to spy on the pigeons.

Hates having me close the curtains before bed.

Can only stand three quick segments of chasing the lazer light before he’s too pooped to care anymore (about 5 minutes tops!). Lightweight!

Gets super active at 3 am..every. single. night.

Was most likely physically abused by previous owner…he lowers his ears in fear whenever he bites me…like he’s awaiting to be struck. My poor bubby. He only truly bites me when he’s really upset. Other times he nibbles and looks to see if I am watching his threat to bite me.

Really really likes his jaw rubbed.. extremely vigorously!

Is learning not to claw mamas tummy when kneading her like dough ( claws in! claws in!)

Likes his water really really cold! Will use his paw to drink it when it’s cold.

Will follow me from room-to-room to ensure that I notice that he’s “ignoring me” by putting his back to me.

Loves. Loves. Loves eating nearby when I eat.

Hates flies with a passion that burns like a thousand suns. That fly didn’t stand a chance!

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