One down, one to go!

I have slowly been purchasing the things I need to make my apartment the way I want it. I’ve got almost everything except 2 items. A bookcase and an ottoman/coffee table. Well, I just bought the bookcase!

Check it out! Isn’t it pretty?!

It comes in 2 pieces so I can either set them side-by-side or stacked.

The photo on the box is very deceiving because it shows it done both ways with 2 sets instead of just the one. My place isn’t big enough for 2 so it’s literally either one (side-by-side) or the other (stacked). Confusing, I know!

I’ll be using the organizers as closet storage instead of inside the cubes and placing my books in there. The organizers will help with the bits and bobs I want out of the way but accessible whenever I need them. The old white unit is nice as a second-hand item but, it wobbles dangerously each time Eggy leaps up onto it the longer I have it. I think the 4 cube/ 2 piece option allows for future changes in my life as well.

Now to look for an ottoman!

This is similar in type to what I’m looking to get but I want it to be longer and thinner:

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