Ok, change of plans!

Ok, first off…if I ever suggest putting together ANY furniture in the future…tie me up and lecture me until I see sense… because fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck! It was a fucking nightmare and Eggy was completely NOT helpful! He quite literally got up in my way soo much I lost my cool and called him some ungentlemanly names until he stalked off in a huff of feline angst..(sorry Eggy)

I also realized the little totes are way bigger than I thought and I got a brilliant idea! I’m going to use this thing as a second dresser! See, I’ve outgrown my old one by virtue of having to buy clothes that suit 4 different seasons (because of my job!) and now I have more clothes than 2 people! It’s insane!

I’ve decided to store my Summer gear in the 1st dresser and my Winter gear in this new one, and then switch it once Winter is over! Brilliant! I’ll keep some of my Spring rain gear out, just in case…for a few more weeks.

Honestly, this new piece of furniture suits my decor perfectly!

Take a look!

I left the moving of the actual clothing and other various adjustments until tomorrow. I’m exhausted.

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