Daily Update

Well, today was..mostly ok. I guess. Work was slower than normal Soo, that was nice..but that also means more young male hijinks and distracted cart guys…sigh* Always with the distracted cart guys….(Deep sigh*** 🙄)

I consulted for my contacts and picked out my new frames. I decided having both glasses and contacts was necessary as my current glasses are 6 years old! Prob important in case I need to leave my contacts out at any point. Plus, I’ll not be wearing my contacts on my days off. Mostly the contacts are for work. I’m just no feeling contacts all the time dude!

Eggy keeps losing weight. He was already 5 lbs under weight. He is eating regularly and he is using his litter Soo.. he’s not having Illness. I just worry about him.

I watched Kelsey Dangerous on YouTube. I’ve been laughing through the Notsoberry challenge. She cracks up!

Time for bed. I’ve been having the weirdest dreams about my ex husband?!!! What? Yeah, even in my dreams I’m no longer interested in interacting with him even a little. I’ve been divorced almost the same amount of time I was married. I’m like a whole different person now.

My life truly is quite strange.

I’ve been contemplating how fast life goes by. We get soo little time with our special people. It feels like we have all the time in the world but, as you get older and those important people start dying, you just want to cherish people more. Make more memories, ya know? Will I ever have a guy who’s forehead I kiss when he falls asleep in his reading glasses watching tv? That connection keeps niggling at me. Maybe I won’t ever know that kind of love. I’m doing my best to have a good life despite it all. I want to live my best life.

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