Confessions good for the soul

Soo, I’m confessing. I’ve gotten into a rather bad habit. I’ve become a lazy bachelorette person. During my weekends I clean and make my place really nice. I’m like, a neatfreak…or, I use to be.

Apparently I’ve become a bit lazy. I’ve been letting things slide a bit each day until…my Friday comes around (in case you didn’t know, a persons Friday is whatever day comes before your days off..even if it’s a Tuesday.. it’s your Friday… got it? Ok) Now, I’ll idea of dirty is probably very very tame compared to other people’s. I did already admit I’m a neatfreak but, maybe I’m not as much of one as I use to be??

There are dishes in my sink, I have empty soda cans on my counter and…(gasp!) There are at least 3 pairs of discarded socks near my bed.

I’m kinda horrified.

If you come visit…umm, don’t visit on my Friday. That would be… bad.

I’ve also noticed my eating habits are a bit questionable after a long day at work. Dinner tonight….was ..( laughing) 4 slices of bacon, cubed cheese, a bagel and Pringles. Yup. Sooooo healthy.

I need to do better. Starting next week. I’m too tired tonight. 😂

B 🐝

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