That was fun, NOT!

After work today, I picked up my 1 year supply of contacts and wandered on home. I got home and sighed with relief because I was getting really close to my 1 month date with my temporary 1st pair. As I was putting them away I opened the first box to check out the vials (just something you do) when I noticed something weird. What I thought was 3 vials (this was for the right eye) was, in fact, 6. “Wait” I muttered, “That can’t be right!”

See, they gave me 8 boxes. 4 for each eye. I paid for 1 years supply soo ..12 vials..1 per month, just like the ones I just took out. Soo…my heart started racing. Oh no! The guy gave me 2 years instead of one!

I rushed into my living room and got my phone.. immediately dialed them up. I was soo worried the guy would get into trouble. I figured I’d just explain and bring them in first thing tomorrow. No worries, right?

He laughed after I explained the reason for my call. I paused in surprise. He was chuckling at me? (Huh?!)

Apparently I had assumed that the contacts I had were the same as the temporary ones….but they aren’t. The ones I have are bi-weekly contacts.

Well fudge!

I was worried for nothing.

Silly B🐝.

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