I didn’t realize people didn’t know how to do this!

I couldn’t believe it when people commented on another members TikTok that they didn’t know how to find the sales price when an item is on sale. Then, a woman in the comments section explained basic math in the MOST complicated way possible confusing the shit out of people!

Dude! It’s not that hard. Let me help you out ok! I sound annoyed in the video, because the woman’s comment was literally making people even more afraid of basic math. Once you explain it, it’s freaking easy! There are perks to working in retail 33 years!

$20 at 10% off = 2.00 off
Always move only 1 space to the left when it’s a percentage of something.
For example take a $200. item, you move it one space over… making 10% off it..$20 off. This means a $2000. item would be $200 off at 10% and onward.
Now you might be asking, what about 15% off?
If a $20 shirt were 15% off you take that 10% which is $2.00 and you take off half of that 10% (half of $2.00 is $1) add that into the 10% total of $2.00 and you get…$3.00 off.
$2 (10%) + $1 (5%)= 15%
What if it’s 40% off you ask? Using multiples of 10 is easy. Simply start at the original 10% and add up..10%+10%+10%+10%= 40% Therefore, $2.00 off (a $20 shirt) looks like this $2.00+$2.00+$2.00+$2.00 (4 times equals 40%) which comes out at: $8 off the price of $20. $20- $8= $12 as the new price!

Ah! But, Bekki, you say..what if it’s 45% off?

Still easy!

Take off 40% as usual… Then use the 10% in half I taught you. $20 shirt breaks down like this: $2.$2.$2.$2 (10%,10%,10%,10%) (40%) plus 1/2 of 10% which is half of $2 which we already learned is $1. Soo, it becomes $2,$2,$2,$2+$1= $9 off the price! You $20- $9 is now $11.

Ah ah ah! You say, what about if the item is an odd number say $25…what then?

move that decimal and $25.00 becomes $2.50 add it just the same as you did before. $2.50,$2.50,$2.50, $2.50 (40% off!)

that makes it: $10 off making your new price $25-$10= $15.

Ok, ok, you say but what if both numbers are odd! Like 45% off a $25 shirt!

I got you baby!

do your 10% first! $25.00 moving the decimal left makes it $2.50

now do your 40% $2.50,$2.50,$2.50,$2.50=$10 now add in the 5%! A half of $2.50 is= $1.25!

So now it looks like this:

$2.50,$2.50,$2.50,$2.50 (40%) and 1.25 (5%) add it up and you have 11.25 off the $25 price! $25-$11.25= $13.75. or to see it broken down even more $25- $10 (40%) =$15-$1 = 14 and then -.25¢= 13.75. (5%)

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