Designs likes of the week! Vol 1

As always, these are from Pinterest.

These are the bathroom design ideas I’m liking this week.

I am always down for unusual decor that serves a practical purpose! These are just fun!! I’m not hating the wallpaper either. Though, that’s got most to do with the bird peeping over the edge. This is probably my 2nd favorite hook idea ngl, I like the idea of using old door knobs a tiny bit more.

The tile walls are totally hitting the right notes. I am of the belief that the bathroom often gets ignored when it comes to a bit of cheeky cool design. I love me some color! I’m not feeling the gold mirror though, but that’s just me. I am loving the glass shower partition..anyone else tired of shower curtain mildew cleaning? Plus, there is that whole Psycho fear when I shower. This would eliminate that! But, then also means your naked ass is on display..but, if I got me a sexy naked man in my shower, this could be a totally “noice” feature..know what I mean?

This one is actually a bit nicer than the one above. It’s got a more clean lined look. I’m loving the black & white tile floor too! And don’t think I missed the plank shelves! Yes, please! I’d pass on the little shower big butt would knock that over 77 times.

Can I just….that floor is giving me the vibe! I wouldn’t normally like green this way but, the Chevron arrangement is really good. Also definitely in love with the sink! Clean lines get me every time! Pass on the chair though..not substantial enough to make sense except as a towel catcher and that’s kinda it…not practical.

Seriously, what’s with me an Chevron patterns lately?! I love the blue! Once again, I’m not a fan of gold. Nopes. Give me black fixtures or wrought iron every time!

Ok, this is my personal favorite combination of texture and styles. I love mixing the black with the wood. See, it can be done! Looks beautiful! Not a fan of the toilet where it is though. It looks cramped that way and the bathroom looks big enough not to have that arranged like that! I do totally like the sink behind the shower like this!

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