Lilith Aspects

(For those of you who read my Astrology Blog)

Lilith is a hard one. I posted the most difficult one tonight. Understandibly, I will wait to resume my further postings until tomorrow. I need to recover from the crying this one created. Healing crying certainly, but old scars deserve respect.

As for the other Lilith aspects in this Synastry chart, I’ll be skipping them for a bit and focusing on other aspects. Not because it’s hard to write about, but because I need time to better research them. When I started doing this charting in 2015, there was little to no information online for Lilith and my notes are extremely limited (almost non-existent tbh) so I’m gonna need time to look them up and consider them in greater depth and how they apply to this specific Synastry chart. There are 5.

Lilith opposite Moon

Lilith Sextile Neptune

Lilith Trine Pluto

Lilith Sextile Chiron

Lilith Trine Ascendant

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