Design Likes of the Week vol 2

Ok, I’ll just mention that this design idea isn’t one I’d use in my own home but, it’s too cool as a focal piece not to adore! It’s incredibly cool. It’s got a mood to it, and I can totally respect that! With the chairs parked next to a stand that is slightly unorthodox in style, it just works beautifully to make a cozy feeling. If they’d used any other side table, it wouldn’t have worked, but the round design reflects the round feeling of the clock piece perfectly.

Brilliant!! The color pops! What a fun kitchen! The windows bring in the light and the beams give that feeling of being part of the natural surroundings outside those windows. I admit it! I have a fucking obsession with beams! I love them to distraction!! Give me a brick feature wall and lots of wooden beams and I am in heaven!

I love every damned thing about this one! From the grey-washed wood, the stacked pottery, to those two quirky-assed chairs! And there is a white brick wall back there! Oh, baby! (It might just be my personal preference but, I’d have not painted the brick at all. I like the natural look of brick way better!)

We already established I have a fondness for these tile walls in small doses, this one pairs perfectly with the plants and floating wood shelving. Yes, please! To be honest though, I’d have gotten fancy with my stove and countertops with a bit more color. Maybe some bright patterned tea towels or a trivot made of sea-glass. The stove falls a bit flat after all that color green. Stick a magnet hook to the side and add a colorful towel and that’s got it!

I left my absolute favorite until last! Look at it! Just, look at it! Perfection! ❤️ Cozy coffee table (mine would be less books and more decor items like wooden bowls and ceramics but that’s ok!) The colorful bookshelves are absolutely 100% perfect! Love them! Love, love, love them! They mirror the door and head-jam design to great effect! I love the beaten leather chairs but, could probably do without the boring sofa with equally boring pillows! I’d have added some quicky things to reflect the colors of the shelves. I get that they chose the pillow to match the picture against the wall but, if I’m honest, the picture isn’t really eye-catching or memorable. It’s kinda lost in the lighting of the room. I’d have gone with a black & white image and a few pillows with pops of yellow and red in the sofa. Still, I love this a lot!

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