My brain spit out a quote in a dream.

Revisiting my old dream posts when I came back across this quote that was literally on my mind as I woke from a dream. It still puzzles the hell out of me. I wrote it down immediately upon waking because, as you can clearly see, it isn’t something you would remember the exact wording of with any real certainty. Lucky for me, I did get it down before I forgot it! Thing is, it’s freaking weird to have this particular sentence come from my own head. What am I, a mid- century poet?

“Thy visage runs counterpoint to thy soul, which doth know, more fully,that heart, that speaks more finely, of the warmth of thee and thy perpetuity.”

Let’s break this down.

I think of Visage as a person’s face but, in researching I learned it also means “that which is upon the surface”. So, I’m imagining it means my outer appearance. My outer appearance runs counterpoint to my soul. Counterpoint is an opposite or contrast..therefore, this must mean that my outer appearance is a contrast to my soul..or as I have interpreted it, my outer appearance fools people because there is more going in than they might imagine just looking at me. Seems legit.

“which doth know, more fully, that heart that speaks more finely, of the warmth of thee”

a direct reference to my poetry and writing I believe. Which, probably, isn’t something people know about me and wouldn’t guess just looking at my face or outer appearance. I’m not what you expect when you first meet me, to be honest. I’m kinda thinking this dream quote is complimenting me in many ways, for having a hidden quality people can’t guess at.

the warmth of thee and thy perpetuity.”

perpetuity means “a state of lasting forever.”

So, in conclusion..I think this quote is saying that when looked at outwardly others might miss the beauty that exists within me, but that this beautiful part of me will exist in my writing and my poetry long after I die. Beautiful.

I don’t really mind..I know what exists inside me..and that is quite good enough for me. Once upon a time, I might have railed against the unfairness of not truly being known but, as I’ve grown older.. I’ve learned it really doesn’t matter how others view me, it’s how I view myself that makes a difference.

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