The Bike Dream

Omg! I haven’t dreamt of my old friend in a very very long time. I missed him very much. This was awesome!

This dream was kinda hilarious. The details are fading but, I was surrounded by little boys who I tended to like they were my own. It was clear in the dream they weren’t mine, but I sounded so much like a mom it makes me smile. I’m pretty sure that’s how I sometimes sound dealing with my cart guys. I wish having more kids was in my future, I’d wish for boys.😁 Multiple boys. Something about a bunch of rowdy boys that just amuses and delights me greatly. I had no way of knowing this but, I think I’d be an excellent “boy mom”.

A, showed up as a guest at wherever the heck I worked. Dreams are always soo vague with the details. Think it was a hotel.

A, was there as himself soo, I was a freaking spaz- idiot as per usual. I grew up dreaming about him but, for some reason, as an adult him, I get extremely nervous in dream interacting. He grew up to be cute, what can I say!

He decided to go for a bike ride. This, upon waking, has me belly-laughing, because he probably meant “motorcycle”..but my dumb dream brain translated it to “bicycle”. He needed proper clothing (long-sleeved shirt) and we spent an extremely boring amount of time searching for one. Tons of boxes laid out like a yard sale that had ended. Huh?! Ok. I pointed to the box I discovered had shirts, not sure how I knew it was that one, as it was at the other end from the ones I was looking through, also, of I knew, why the hell was I searching the ones I was searching? Meh!

A, found a black T-shirt he liked, I rolled my eyes even in dream over that…OF COURSE IT HAD TO BE BLACK! (head smack) he never changes in some ways!

In my dorky brain I was trying to decide if he was planning on going solo on this ride or if it was possible for me to cleverly pretend I had thought it was an invitation! I can’t help but laugh at dream me.. she’s plotting like a lovesick doof and I adore her!

She/I then decided should probably go pee before he leaves, because how embarrassing would it be to go on a bike ride and have to pee halfway.

Sidenote: This dream marks the very first time I called A by his nickname. My tiny heart exploded with that upon waking. It’s the little things dude! It also made me realize why I gave him that nickname in rl, I think I unconsciously still think of him as Alex (the name I gave him as a kid) and shortened his real name to retain that sense of him. Interesting.

Anyway, looking for privacy to pee in a house of little boys isn’t really a possibility. They had 0 respect for my being a girl. I finally had to yell at them to shut my stall door and leave so I could pee. I didn’t even get mad that I was pants down on the potty yelling at 3 and 4 year olds. Lololol

Sadly, I woke up…so I never got to find out A’s reaction to the “bike” he was about to go on a ride with. Hee hee hee hee.

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