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Password Protected posts require an extra step, (basically that of looking up my about me page and finding the password) this ensures only serious readers access my most personal posts. 

The password for these posts is: ISHALLCALLYOUTHEMOON 




24 thoughts on “About me:

  1. Thank you for opening up your space to the rest of us to lay our heads and eyes.
    We all write our emotions and I am glad to have had the fortune of stumbling upon your page.
    Thank you for sharing your words and space to the rest of us here in this beautiful sphere.
    Brightest blessings

  2. Wow, thanks. I am not sure if I am amazing, but I do enjoy people reading my work. Thank you very much.

    Both of you.

  3. ah I’m just a pretender me, there isn’t a single careless word in your poetry B, I dream of having so many poems, those on my blog are all so far, I like the spiritual ones best [so far,]see you again soon, luv Suz

  4. I just read the comments above the comment I commented on (long way to go a short way?)I am stunned by the compliment. Thank you so very much for saying that! I try to focus on getting to the core words in a truth without extra flowers, though I do often do the flowery poems a bit too.

  5. I was reading the above, not for the first time, but my eyes played a trick, as I was reading “I am an optimist” my right eye saw the next line as “but I am also a dentist” there must be a poem there somewhere-Iwas just watching a vid are you from Noy Yoyk?

  6. Nope, I am from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida and now Wisconsin. (Just call me a rolling stone..lol) I

    Ps. I am not a dentist..I have a healthy fear of dentist tools. (snicker)

  7. HI B … stumbled on your blog today (randomly/purposefully searching for poetry blogs) and there is simply too much here to ENJOY in one viewing, so I bookmarked your blog and I will visit again! I found your “voice” refreshing, perhaps even inspiring. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. Hello B,

    Thank you very much for following my blog. I hope I do not disappoint you. I hope each of your visits in my blog will be a joyful ride! 🙂

    Have a wonderful Monday! 🙂

    Subhan Zein

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