Amazing Comments

Here are some of  my favorite comments:

Rich Roach (My Canadian friend) “I hope you know I adore you, Bex. 🙂  Always have.  The moment I first read your poetry and then your diary-like letters/treatises I was hooked.”

Poem: Love tripped me


“into the warmth of his neck,

where the light changes into skin
and peace”

There is a realness to your words that
adds to the impact.  Well done!

Poem: The Bookbinders Daughter

This is a wonderfully wrought poem, using the extended metaphor of “the book” and the way its bound and crafted to express the value of the individual soul and texture. Opening with the lines about the “post-it” note is a brilliant way of showing how the individual’s life should never be devalued or reduced to an add-on, an afterthought, a memo. All the lines flow so effectively into each other — it’s hard to pick a favorite. But then the whole poem is a favorite – so I will leave it at that. Just something I can really relate too since I adore antique books with all those finely-crafted details.

Love this,

Poem: Black tie affair

Just four short little lines, but they have such incredible impact. A grand write Bex.


Poem: Unwritten manuscript


I love the way this poem escalates.
It is a look forward and a look back.
More importantly it embraces the possibilities
with great zest. What a manuscript, this thing called
life,  these pieces with pulse that writers share!
The close is dynamic!  You always give us poetry with soul.

Thank you!

Poem: Gone but not forgotten

So, Bex, we see that you were a wonderful poet from the beginning! Somehow can’t see anyone forgetting you so casually. the brain is not like the banks of a computer, things seem to sneak up on us unaware and we realize that gone is not necessarily gone! Wonderful!


Poem: Small speck of determination

Hi Bex

I love the way you address the audacity of pain and show that the smallest speck, the tiniest flame can grow into something larger and fierce like determination. This is uplifting and yet clever with its sharp wit and voice.

Thank you for sharing
a unique and engaging poem!


Shelly Gartner Bruber:  “I could read you all day, Bex”

Poem: Stardust on his shoes

Nina Cremer– I love it! “Hanging on the stars in her eyes” is my favorite line!!

Poem: Memorizing his face

“Curled up in cotton understanding.”

I love reading that line out loud.

Poem: Stardust on his shoes

your poem has a wonderful sense of song, which i love … thank you for sharing your smiling, inventive poem with me. –tony

Poem: Sugar Song

Hi Bex,

As always, you take an experience or idea familiar to all of us and express it witha clever twist of whimsy and detail. That packet of sugar indeed gives one a boost of energy and motivation at times. Also, I like the sonics in this piece. Very nicely done!

Enjoyed this alot!

Poem: Go ask Alice

“Tumbling down a rabbit hole
seems so much more reasonable
than twitching like a broken tail”

Your strong title draws readers in. Cool.
Then you’ve caught & delivered an attitude in this so well.
A ponderous piece even in the humor,
Shall reread.

Poem: Belonging


Where there is Bex, there is hope. This poem is so alive with hope and for the
sheer power of existence. It is far beyond us all, and yet somehow we are magically
in it. Your empathy and compassion are two of the sweetest balms for the soul.


Poem: I don’t need beauty

I like the images that show
the things that happen in life
when we have a plan interrupted
or when life just happens unexpectedly:

“The dance that ended,
when the puddle interfered.
The slip and fall off a hill
right into my heart.”

Your inner beauty shines in this one, Bex. 

hugs to you,

Poem: Dreamer

“I speak a language they cannot hear.” I know that feeling, Bex. And I really loved this: “…error we go gain.”–Charles

Poem: Let there be giggles

“my exuberance emerging
ever so gleefully, into the lightness of being”


If I had no idea who wrote those lines,
on reading them I would think of you.
Your effervescent personality is in those lines,
and the title is just perfeclty you. You carry sunshine
in your pocket and spread it as you go.

Thank you,

Poem: Staying

Bex, if we all grew up and in step with ultra normality there would be no poets! I remember the friend who got me back into poetry and the eccentric poet she was. they saved her of her insanity and in the process cured her poetic genius. (I don’t mean you should go that far!) I think a poet starts by thinking and being outside the box. We love you the way you are and this poem tells why!


Poem: L0ve


Goodness, I thought I was reading Shakespeare! This is
a lovely poem showing love to be somewhat like what Keats
felt poetry was:

“might half slumbering on his own right arm.”

It is a humble love and doesn’t need broadcasting to
qualify it.

One of your best.


Poem: Lost Mantra

Good read Nectar,

reminds me of Dylan Thomas.


Poem: U

Oh, Bex, you have been sorely missed. Here is exactly why!
This poem holds the key to your capacious heart. The sonics
themselves thrill me – put it all together and the poem resonates
and sings like a wind chime.


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