My thoughts on the riots

There is much wrong with our country. It’s coming to light, not because it wasn’t always there (because it was) but, because people have been in isolation and the normal distractions haven’t been there to keep them asleep..and with waking, comes awakening. People aren’t just becoming discontent, they are finally tired of pretending they haven’tContinue reading “My thoughts on the riots”

Just call me Neapolitan

Soo..I wore a shorter sleeved shirt than normal today. The result of which, had me with 3 distinct skin tones. 1st layer is an already browned-by-the-sun skin tone, 2nd layer is newly burned and nicely pinked skin tone, and the third layer is the super pale Casper-like white skin of my upper arm. I wouldContinue reading “Just call me Neapolitan”