Have needle, will grid

If you’ve never done it or heard of it, gridding is what counted cross-stitchers do when they are about to take on a huge project. My huge project (or BAP for Big Ass Project) will be my Disney Stained Glass Couples Window. It’s pretty damned big! When working a large project, gridding the aida clothContinue reading “Have needle, will grid”

Happy Indigenous People Day!

Celebrating the cultural roots of America without the bullshit lying this morning. I am Thankful for Indigenous people who were kind when America needed it, even though we didn’t deserve it and took extreme advantage. I’m pretty sure if the indians got a “do-over” our asses would be fucked! So, I celebrate them and theirContinue reading “Happy Indigenous People Day!”

Synastry: Moon Sextile Moon

(Virgo Moon & Cancer Moon) I’m posting the quote and source here (I’ll do my own notes at a later time) because this interpretation is soo cute and amusing to me. I know that this is EXACTLY what I would be like. Source is here Moon Sextile Or Trine Moon : A little Change “This pairContinue reading “Synastry: Moon Sextile Moon”

Synastry: Sun opposite Venus

(Capricorn Sun vs Cancer Venus) Here we have it again…an aspect that should be completely at odds but, somehow, isn’t. In fact, this aspect shows up in long-term relationships. These two have different viewpoints. Their childhoods, life lessons, and core beliefs are, in some ways, vastly different, which will make for some interesting disagreements. (B-that’sContinue reading “Synastry: Sun opposite Venus”

Synastry: Sun oppose Moon

(Capricorn Sun vs Cancer Moon) This is a binding aspect..which is to say, they have differing ways but these ways actually work really well together. They say this is a good indicator of a lovers relationship. The reason opposite works here, is that, the Sun (Me) and the Moon (TMW5T) correct each others behavior slightly.Continue reading “Synastry: Sun oppose Moon”