The Quirky Chick

She never listens to what is said to busy making up riddles to share with her inner child. She attempts to find the thread of conversation for she doesn’t wish to offend. She is sincere in her regard ♥ She is often forgiven by they who understand they love her despite her ways though, they areContinue reading “The Quirky Chick”

I Shall Call You The Moon..

I shall call you the moon for being a wolf I worship you a drug that draws me at close of day a pale glow larger than myself higher than ever could be reached by me more beautiful than this shaggy fur you draw me up on high plateaus to stare in silent wonder wishingContinue reading “I Shall Call You The Moon..”

Ava Reeves

I wrote this poem in hopes that it would bring peace to a hurting heart. I never got the chance to give it personally, of course. I hope that somehow in the cosmos there is a way to convey this single thought on his behalf. I wrote it in first person, so should he readContinue reading “Ava Reeves”