I know you..I met you in a dream

I know you and you know me we have held hands many times I could never forget those eyes those loving orbs of gentle laughter You laugh to see me silly and sometimes it brings you joy for you are deep inside in need of sweetness and gentle tender hands that love you unconditionally evenContinue reading “I know you..I met you in a dream”

I am still here.

I am still here, waiting love, just in case you wondered. I am still here, looking for you, so please do not pause, overlong in your labors. I am still here, waiting love. Do not forget, that I am. for they say, when one cannot find, something that they need, they should stop, and lookContinue reading “I am still here.”

The Poets Jewels

You amaze me when I come for a visit and am offered gems of such varied hues such richness laid out before me blood red here sunny yellow there dark blues and somber greens violent purple and serene whites all like precious jewels given freely for me to hold but not to keep for theyContinue reading “The Poets Jewels”

The Bryan Poem

When a clown walks in common clothing he is dignified in a touching way it is not in the riches he wears but in the things you hear him say his manner with the ones he loves reveals depths beyond shallow laughter for it is the richness of honesty which is what this clown is after. doContinue reading “The Bryan Poem”

The Gary Poem

Sarcastic wit hides an inner heart that twinges with sentimentality don’t tell him I know for it is a secret and friends don’t reveal secrets do we? when he speaks you know that there is some serious thought going on life is difficult at times but a mind that is sharp cuts through all theContinue reading “The Gary Poem”

Calling all poets

If you would like me to add you to my blogroll please comment with your wordpress or other blog address in comments. If I like what I see I will add you. Please know that I will not add ones that I have trouble liking content-wise. I like positive poetry..though sad and thought-provoking is also good. WillContinue reading “Calling all poets”