Here’s the thing about me,

When other people watch movies, they select a character they want to be, someone they aspire to emulate or become like in some small way. The thing about me is, I’ve never been much interested in being a specific character in the movie. I would be anyone, so long as it meant I got toContinue reading “Here’s the thing about me,”

The thinks I think

Lying here legit just meandering in my thoughts. Want a peek? I’m contemplating rearranging my living-room as a possible means of getting myself to kick-start my deep cleaning demon as I am currently completely apathetic about doing my actual normal cleaning. I am seriously weird. I will make a bigger project to force myself notContinue reading “The thinks I think”

And I wept like a 6 year old who’s gotten her hearts most secret wish

It was a hard day at work. Labor day weekend and all that. I was getting the carts in when a woman stepped out of her car and started waving her arms into the air. I looked at her and wondered what this woman was on about and then, I recognized her. My Shay. IContinue reading “And I wept like a 6 year old who’s gotten her hearts most secret wish”

Happy Birthday Anu!

Pulse With each lyrical beat, you delve, deeper and more deeply, into your darkest shadows. Your Heartbeat is often caught up in the movement, of a metronome of consciousness. The core of you illuminates quite more than anticipated. This isn’t just destiny, it’s fated. The silver spark of your intellect. A warm glow that leapsContinue reading “Happy Birthday Anu!”