Just so you don’t get jealous

Since I shared a selfie on my Instagram wall yesterday, and not on here, I got told off..lol so, I am correcting the most heinous mistake forthwith…ok? Happy now? The fact that you actually saw it on my Instagram means that you DID see it. (Mumbles under breath) Whatever whatever…here! (I’m suspicious that the onlyContinue reading “Just so you don’t get jealous”

That was totally not for me!

Ok, so at work this month, there is a free sample of this product called Olly Sleep that advertises that it’s for a healthy sleep cycle. It contains Melatonin, L-Theanine & Botanicals. I thought that, perhaps, it would help me stay asleep instead of what usually happens with my Fibro, in which I wake 2-3Continue reading “That was totally not for me!”