Joseph Lallo always gives me the giggles

Seriously! I’m reading Temporal Contingency and it straight up caused me to giggle inappropriately long. Lex is being tortured by not one, but 2 versions of the AI computer system called “Ma”. One is the AI for the really small ship he is using called “Lump of Coal” and the other is an AI animal,Continue reading “Joseph Lallo always gives me the giggles”

Obviously I won’t be entering the contest

I did however, take a moment to enter into the spirit of the game. Here we have my version, (if Ted, in the movie, had a beard and mustachio) I think my pin-eyed people versions look rather cute, even if they are horribly inaccurate to the actual people playing the parts. Still, it was fun!Continue reading “Obviously I won’t be entering the contest”

Let’s get mysterious

While at the donation shop I spotted these books under the series Annie’s Mysteries. I was intrigued by the fact that each book, while it shares the same main character, is actually written by a collection of different authors. I bought 7 of them and I am totally looking forward to seeing how each authorContinue reading “Let’s get mysterious”

That’s healthy, right?

I’m in the middle of intense trade negotiation with my Topps trading card app and might have kinda, sorta, possibly just had a microwaved chicken sandwich and a handful of popcorn as my evening meal. That’s…acceptable…right? In my defense I did have Caesar salad for lunch..while I was sewing my current Blackwork obsession. I amContinue reading “That’s healthy, right?”

I’m crying like a baby and I don’t care who knows

I have been writing about TMW5T for a very long time. What started as an attempt to understand him better, has become a healing of my own. He is in my head, you see? This person has become the voice in my head, the one that understands me, challenges me, delights me, because soo muchContinue reading “I’m crying like a baby and I don’t care who knows”

Tarot/Astrology Crossover

Isn’t it weird when Astrology and Tarot form a connection? It’s like the universe saying “Yes! This is definitely you!” Just thought I’d share the card I pulled for TMW5T’S. Clearly, since it’s reversed, he needs to re-read his Virgo Sun in the 12th house, Cancer Moon in the 11th house, and POF in Cancer.Continue reading “Tarot/Astrology Crossover”

Nobody ever gets my jokes

At work a co-worker teased me after I startled him by unexpectedly showing up when he didn’t anticipate it. He responded with “Where did you come from?” My answer was cheeky “Heaven!” He laughed and responded “You were probably hatched from a turtles egg.” to which I even more cheekily replied “Nope. I was raisedContinue reading “Nobody ever gets my jokes”