When the world is lost to me and I am all alone. That is when it’s tossed to me, that look of yours. It is not so much the look as it is the fact that you do it just in time every time without fail. How does one go about learning me so well?

I Shall Call You The Moon..

I shall call you the moon for being a wolf I worship you a drug that draws me at close of day a pale glow larger than myself higher than ever could be reached by me more beautiful than this shaggy fur you draw me up on high plateaus to stare in silent wonder wishingContinue reading “I Shall Call You The Moon..”

New Mexico Trip 2013

I took photos of all the things that interested me. Erinn, one of the hosts, was kind enough to take me to Santa Fe after everyone else had departed for home. I got the chance to drink Coconut water, and I really enjoyed her company. I stayed at Angel Fire and the altitude was myContinue reading “New Mexico Trip 2013”