What exactly is this mood I am in?

I came here, to California to make a decision on something. I’ve brought lots of distractions, but they didn’t distract me from finally mulling this over. I’ve climbed up a rather large hill in the last year, and now It’s come to this. Time to decide what’s next for me. I’m in a mood. It’sContinue reading “What exactly is this mood I am in?”

And then my brain exploded all over the duvet cover

Ok, a bit overly dramatic but, it takes me almost an hour to translate each aspect into a post (mostly because I don’t wish to plagiarize others and because a lot of repetitive themes need consolidating and interpreting to apply specifically to TMW5T and the other layers of his personality already uncovered.  soo, yeah IContinue reading “And then my brain exploded all over the duvet cover”