WTF just happened??

I am kinda excited/confused… people are suddenly noticing my writing and encouraging me to finish my various books. (You know I have 8 books living rent free in my head all the freaking time right?) Nope, I can’t just write one book..nope not me, not Bekki-whos-brain-never-stops-working…I have soo many ideas that I have 8 booksContinue reading “WTF just happened??”

:::Bangs head against nearest wall:::

How was work, you ask? was a complete dumpster fire, thanks for asking! We’ve lost 3 cart pushers. I am basically fucked. I’ve been working on carts by my God-damned self all fucking week. Oh, and the nightime closer (new guy I don’t know well yet) who was supposed to close yesterday and today,Continue reading “:::Bangs head against nearest wall:::”