I bought cold weather-wear and put up my Christmas lights

I’m just chillin here in my weather underwear (like long-johns but high-tech) I also bought comfy weather socks. My Christmas lights are haphazardly put up but, I kinda like that about them. Since I posted photos of TMW5T’S, I thought it only fair to return the favor..not that he knows, or cares (probably). Still, fairContinue reading “I bought cold weather-wear and put up my Christmas lights”

These are fucking beautiful!

As an amateur photographer I just had to post these photos taken for Esquire magazine’s Winter Edition 2021, by photographer Nathaniel Goldberg. Fucking beautiful because he captured his soul. That look in his eye is truly perfect! It gives me shivers. I just flat-out love Anu’s aging face. He’s not just a pretty face, he’sContinue reading “These are fucking beautiful!”

I am kinda obsessed with Rufus!

On Tiktok I follow this hilarious teacher who posts videos about his daily interactions with people. In the recent video found here, he shows all the decorations he’s done for Christmas. I swear, one day I want to do that stuff to my own home. In the video he shows a Christmas reindeer full-sized statueContinue reading “I am kinda obsessed with Rufus!”