I’m in an extreme amount of ouch*

My legs always hurt after work as a general rule, but tonight it is just about double the normal pain I am use to feeling. Work was busier than can be comprehended by normal means. Imagine someone started a whisper campaign that the coming snow was apocalyptic in nature, and you have a better graspContinue reading “I’m in an extreme amount of ouch*”

Not all days are good days

As a Capricorn, I rarely tell anyone when my days are emotional ones. I keep myself, to myself. We Cappies don’t like to share our sadness because it makes us feel unprepared and off guard. We don’t like being vulnerable. So, generally only my pillow knows my saddest moments. The strange off-shoot of this, isContinue reading “Not all days are good days”

Meet Mr Crowley

I’m doing a new writing exercise, whereby I use dialog interlinked with descriptions to give the reader the gist of the person, instead of using descriptive paragraphs by themselves. Meet Mr Crowley: Mr Crowely was the type to make you feel oddly uncomfortable in his presence. The kind of man who would reply that “theContinue reading “Meet Mr Crowley”