Should I pretend to be surprised?!

Evan the drinking counselor asks if we know which state has the highest incidents of drinking problems. I just waited for him to count down from 5. Yup, no big surprise! They literally have an entire Octoberfest weekend in honor of getting as wasted as humanly possible. The amount of trash piled up outside wasContinue reading “Should I pretend to be surprised?!”

You don’t understand… I’m obsessed with it!

Mirin Koubou’s Workshop. They cost an average of $500 USD or 55,000 yen. It’s not possible for me to even buy the one I like most, as it’s already been sold out! They are one of a kind and limited in quantity. And yet, I am totally in lust over this figurine. The craftsmanship isContinue reading “You don’t understand… I’m obsessed with it!”