My stomach is tired of my shit

I tried to eat a pop-tart for brekkie, and my stomach crossed his arms (metaphorically speaking) and refused to eat it. Apparently he’s tired of my shit. I’ve been eating on the run all week. Soo, here’s what HE insisted I eat. Gotta admit, it does look tastier than the pop-tart. Note** I wondered whyContinue reading “My stomach is tired of my shit”

I am only here for the food and, like, 3 people.

The Slowly app has me on a slow burn. I like the 3 really cool friends I’ve made..the problem is the 11 other people who wrote me. Those people (I have other words for them, but let’s be polite) made me rather uncomfortable and mildly repulsed. See, there seem to only be 4 types ofContinue reading “I am only here for the food and, like, 3 people.”