Cancer Moon in the 11th house

Continuing to translate my notes from my Natal chart interpretation. — (Please Note: this is an interpretation of a specific natal chart. I will be layering impressions according to how I feel they interact with other aspects of this particular persons chart.  Therefore, these notes, of mine, may not be inclusive of people with differingContinue reading “Cancer Moon in the 11th house”


When I think of you something strange happens. Something unlike others who patter on about you giving them heart palpitations every time you smile, every time you speak. every time you breathe. My pulse doesn’t beat more rapidly, it doesn’t break out in dance, in fact, it slows down, it relaxes, it stills. it calms,Continue reading “Exhale”

I see you

It doesn’t matter if you lose all your money. all your looks all your fame. Those things, aren’t really you anyway. You’re the guy Who bends down to see small things more closely. Wanders away from the conversation because his mind woke up. Looks back and gets caught up in yesterday’s goodbyes. Sees the detailsContinue reading “I see you”

Bex performs a felony

um… Got home from work in a good mood. Walking with my headphones on and somewhat dorky interaction with every dog in the neighborhood will do that for a girl. *Side note* Is it weird that I know all the names of the dogs in my neighborhood (Fluffy, Charlie, Gio, Jacob and Max.) but haveContinue reading “Bex performs a felony”

Alderdeen land: Taradeen

Official Name: Taradeen Unofficial Name: The Icelands The Icelands are extremely remote, cold, and home to, mostly, predators and reclusive creatures that are not interested in interacting with others. Taradeen is also quietly, secretly, quite powerful. The majority of people who relocate to live there (only the tribals were there originally) have been rejected byContinue reading “Alderdeen land: Taradeen”