Just be you,

Even the sweaty and disheveled you is loved, for that is you in your honest face. The parts of you that end up on the cutting room floor are the bits of you that I gather up and press sweetly into poetry books and journals, to remind me, that you are also a person everyContinue reading “Just be you,”

Virgo Moon in the 5th house

Rising Planet:Sun Dramatic, magnetic, impulsive, attatched and sentimental. This is the house of pleasure and for you, pleasure is learning! While you are a natural born leader with a passionate nature, that dramatic flair sometimes gets you into hot water. You often find yourself venting about aspects of your work you want to change orContinue reading “Virgo Moon in the 5th house”

Part of Fortune in the 9th house

POF is all about achieving something. In the 9th house, this is directed at finding happiness and success through discovering and sharing the truth. The greatest joy for this native will be the result of adventuring and stretching her personal boundaries and belief in what she can do. Broadening her horizons and expanding her conceptsContinue reading “Part of Fortune in the 9th house”

Pluto in the 5th house

This native invests a lot of her time in self-expression. She has powerful creative impulses. She will invest herself fully in the pursuit of her creative passions, child-rearing and relationships. In romance she doesn’t invest herself in anything unless it is deeply intimate. Nothing superficial or light in nature attracts her interest. She will beContinue reading “Pluto in the 5th house”

Virgo Sun in the 12th House

(Translating my notebooks onto my blog.) Natal Birth chart- This guy is interesting. Deeply sensitive to the emotions around himself this guy delves into the collective unconscious. He digs deep into dreams, longing, and thoughts that foster within him a deep, deep, endless need to be creative. It’s not just that he wants to beContinue reading “Virgo Sun in the 12th House”