Part of Fortune in the 9th house

POF is all about achieving something. In the 9th house, this is directed at finding happiness and success through discovering and sharing the truth. The greatest joy for this native will be the result of adventuring and stretching her personal boundaries and belief in what she can do. Broadening her horizons and expanding her conceptsContinue reading “Part of Fortune in the 9th house”

Pluto in the 5th house

This native invests a lot of her time in self-expression. She has powerful creative impulses. She will invest herself fully in the pursuit of her creative passions, child-rearing and relationships. In romance she doesn’t invest herself in anything unless it is deeply intimate. Nothing superficial or light in nature attracts her interest. She will beContinue reading “Pluto in the 5th house”

Virgo Sun in the 12th House

(Translating my notebooks onto my blog.) Natal Birth chart- This guy is interesting. Deeply sensitive to the emotions around himself this guy delves into the collective unconscious. He digs deep into dreams, longing, and thoughts that foster within him a deep, deep, endless need to be creative. It’s not just that he wants to beContinue reading “Virgo Sun in the 12th House”

Cancer Moon in the 11th house

Continuing to translate my notes from my Natal chart interpretation. — (Please Note: this is an interpretation of a specific natal chart. I will be layering impressions according to how I feel they interact with other aspects of this particular persons chart.  Therefore, these notes, of mine, may not be inclusive of people with differingContinue reading “Cancer Moon in the 11th house”


When I think of you something strange happens. Something unlike others who patter on about you giving them heart palpitations every time you smile, every time you speak. every time you breathe. My pulse doesn’t beat more rapidly, it doesn’t break out in dance, in fact, it slows down, it relaxes, it stills. it calms,Continue reading “Exhale”

I see you

It doesn’t matter if you lose all your money. all your looks all your fame. Those things, aren’t really you anyway. You’re the guy Who bends down to see small things more closely. Wanders away from the conversation because his mind woke up. Looks back and gets caught up in yesterday’s goodbyes. Sees the detailsContinue reading “I see you”