Cheerful Rebellion.

It is not recommended to stand on one leg looking at the world, while attempting, with wobbly success, to stand less like others do. It is not advised, to tilt your head, so the world slides slightly sideways into space. It’s likely you will get a look or twenty-two. It is not appreciated when you lieContinue reading “Cheerful Rebellion.”


Damn, I was going to be this way but the boat tilted and the shifting made changes to my script. Damn, I was going to be honest but you want me to lie and the scars leave traces that not even I can hide. Damn, your breath is too close I cannot find mine. EitherContinue reading “Rippit”


because I am a no make-up wearing creatively swearing mass of contradiction. a cheerful mess in unfashionable dress winking back at starlight. a tilted blinker a committed thinker gathering up my rosebuds. because I am a tender romantic who’s a trifle pedantic confessing to sentimentality. a lover and a fighter a fingernail biter who hasContinue reading “because”

Don’t mess with mama

What’s it to you if I love you? Did I ask you to reciprocate? Ask for declarations of undying fealty? My love is my own business and I own it true I will never lie to my heart, though, I may lie to you. You do not need do anything, except leave me be. With my sighsContinue reading “Don’t mess with mama”

The purrman

They call him the hidden paw, the blurring of mice. He chuckles mid-purr, but his laughter’s not nice. He brandishes claws, with a swish and a clatter, he is quite well known, for his skill as a ratter. You may think he has gone, but really he’s just hiding, with patience and skill his timeContinue reading “The purrman”

linguistical toecurl

That embrace of culture, ever tonal to the ear, as it graces, and spaces, like a whirling top gone dizzy. Bestirred in mind, as a tremble touches, makes one wonder what silk comes to touch soft places and make an echo, of something dreamt. Each chuckle discovered, brings a challenge to the hearing, as attemptsContinue reading “linguistical toecurl”

This poem is not about you.

This poem is not about you except, ok, maybe that one line. Cause I get it all the time, “You write about me to much, all fancy lace and such, less, It would be better, can’t you just put it in a letter?” This poem is not about you, cause I would not deem youContinue reading “This poem is not about you.”

The sexy that is he.

Dashing, thats you. A sinful slip into dark places that raise a womans temperature and sometimes, her skirt. Don’t lift that eyebrow, you pirate! I know your quirky ways. I should be more coy, but Oh boy Oh boy.. That silky hair, and thoughtful air, mixed with something chocolate, yup, drowning in those eyes, IContinue reading “The sexy that is he.”

Time’s up!

Do you whistle? Let glad the hearts of angels sing? Bring joy to the table? Let tumble pleasantries, and presence? Wing words of sweet nothing, to wash away the pain? Do you sing? Raise roofs and rafters? Wash away dark and dreary? Lift weightless to shoulders? Transfer light into dark corners gathered? Do you dance?Continue reading “Time’s up!”


Breath returns to starved lungs. Freedom ladies! Feel free to dance the swing but mind the break-dancing. You remember what happened last time! East goes one West goes the other. Can’t East meet West, just once? I forget what it’s like to be perky though, my personality is sugar coated, in vibrant perkiness. Ethel, Lucy,Continue reading “C-cup”

No wiser is a mockingbird, lets not tell the owl.

Sweet soft grass,   that knew no pressed foot no grass staining cloth, to overtake the clean, to make less the purity, of a gentle moment, Resting on a branch, with wiser eyes, hooting at those with cheeky tails, squirrels are nuts, which may explain their dinner. The owlish spectator, puffs up his chest, and wondersContinue reading “No wiser is a mockingbird, lets not tell the owl.”