Damn, I was going to be this way but the boat tilted and the shifting made changes to my script. Damn, I was going to be honest but you want me to lie and the scars leave traces that not even I can hide. Damn, your breath is too close I cannot find mine. EitherContinue reading “Rippit”

Lying ineffectually in bed

Lying ineffectually in bed, an unwilling participant, in someone else’s sex life. Let this be a lesson to you… she is not even good at moaning. Turn, turn, turn, turn over again, find that cool spot, you know is not there. Lying ineffectually in bed, wondering, as one might, in such lofty splendor, if thereContinue reading “Lying ineffectually in bed”

Anger that knows me…

I feel an old fire burning, it’s touch is subtle seductive heat that lingers on my fingers and mocks my mouth to open and deliver, that which can ravage and destroy. I am this place no longer and refuse to pierce hearts that seek explosions for no more reason than to watch the pretty fireworksContinue reading “Anger that knows me…”