What if dreaming of the future is actually a luxury?

I find it quite interesting that, in the past, living for today wasn’t seen the same as people see it now. Planning for the future, reminiscing about the past, these were seen as luxuries. Today everyone is told that “living in the moment” is somehow more desirable. That spiritually it’s more desirable. Quotes like “YesterdayContinue reading “What if dreaming of the future is actually a luxury?”

Challenge is just the universe asking if we are ready

Sometimes we hit our limit and our souls feel battered and bloody. These moments feel like breaking points, but..I’ll tell you a secret…these moments are actually a test. You see, the universe hands us these moments to see what we can handle. If we overcome this…we are ready..if we don’t give up, if we don’tContinue reading “Challenge is just the universe asking if we are ready”

This…this is the kind of world I ache to live in

I’m an emotional person…I admit it. I’m not ashamed of it. I rarely show this side in public but, honestly, it is at the core of every rant and frustrated sigh… because.. people have possiblites inside them that they often fail to aspire to…they don’t just fail themselves..they don’t even recognize they are failing. IContinue reading “This…this is the kind of world I ache to live in”

The shadow at your side

Yeah, I know, you got shadows. So what? Even your dark sides balance you in the light. Even the irritated you is beautiful. Because each growl from your annoyed throat, indicates you noticed things to be annoyed by. That you are paying attention to things and keeping track of it all because you care, evenContinue reading “The shadow at your side”

Lessons from the universe

You know what’s interesting about the universe? It gives lessons to everyone. Nobody “graduates” from life lessons. They keep presenting themselves until the day you die. The REALLY interesting thing about them, though, is the way the universe teaches. It doesn’t just force a lesson. It gives you warnings before you mess up beyond correction.Continue reading “Lessons from the universe”

These are not the same stars

When I was a kid, I would stare at the stars with wonder. I would look at them and wonder what they knew and why they twinkled. It did not help that I learned about making wishes, actually, learning that ruined it for me. I stopped noticing that stars twinkled. That thay burned the nightContinue reading “These are not the same stars”