Surrealist lecture

A surrealist lecture, on how to be unexpected and thoughtful, mutters in my head like a faceless ladybug angry for her lack of tea. There are airless balloons leading my heart into places where helium lives and squeaks like flatulent house-guests. My thoughts bob and follow patterns that flicker in then out like a belly button peekContinue reading “Surrealist lecture”

Tink, a thinkers moment

Peter, Where does your young heart beat now? Within a pattern, a sacred sill, with face pressed to glass, rapturous crowing on your lips? Wendy, Do you know now the length of times finger? Sweet sinner unknowing, of what her story unfolded, of what treasure stole this thimble? Michael, Why do you clutch this marbledContinue reading “Tink, a thinkers moment”

Endless moon

Give me that kiss that says “You are a flower”. Give me weightless dances in moonlight. Give me dips and sways. Breathless days. When life feels like something chocolate. Give me sweet solidity. Back to back support. As we hit our stride. Refuse to hide. We only need each other. Give me passionate quirky andContinue reading “Endless moon”

Salient moon

Salient moon, all knowing,  silent like my face watching with a turbulent eye never stopping times illusive whisper. Salient moon, all holding, lest the world know longing stillness in the winsome of a smile, beguiling, you cover a link of anxious into a night worth sleeping. Salient moon, all glowing, leading with translucent fingers pulling,Continue reading “Salient moon”

Sister moon.

Sister moon stands frozen. She has seen much more than time can erase her heart broken, mended, broken, like a cliff face endlessly losing purchase into the sea. She silently watches the world turn, she has lived to long to need words, blunt, unworthy, undefinable, some emotions have no descriptor, and some things are betterContinue reading “Sister moon.”

Endless rain..

endless rain sometimes soothing placing cold kisses on heated cheeks making calm the heart that beats fiercely with trembling emotion, strongly held in check.  endless rain sometimes traitor telling worlds with my tears melding with your drip that lines my heart with memory faces left behind. endless rain predictable no greater wish to be grantedContinue reading “Endless rain..”

Hatching forth

How does this heart hold loving that blends my colors until they no longer bleed but mesh, ever so cleverly into a single combined entity that takes on a life of it’s own? How does this heart hold tenderness that soothes my brain with gentle waves and serenity sublime like classical music played gently inContinue reading “Hatching forth”

Brightest is the star that shines..

Brightest is the star that shines vigilantly before the dawn, holding hope most tirelessly for those who seek lights knowing star, star, keep on glowing. Strongest is the breath that comes as stilling is a body holding the essence of life forgotten for those who seek the hearing breath, breath, keep on flowing. Wildest isContinue reading “Brightest is the star that shines..”

Bella Luna.

Essential hands, please hold me, teach me, right from wrong. confront and enfold me,  ever understanding song.  Let the crescent moon collect ever traces at my feet,  that memory, of winters face,  solemnity complete. With peaceful steps I walk this path, that once burned skin to linger and now I sigh, in patience palm, my headContinue reading “Bella Luna.”

We must have met in heaven..

We must have met in heaven, when the angels were not looking, wandered off together, to have ourselves an adventure. You pulled my hand, as you ran, delighting me with vigor, and thoughtful was your looking for any obstacle, should it befall us.  You must have made me giggle, for I have joy as myContinue reading “We must have met in heaven..”

voice in the dark…

Oh honeyed shiver! You make my liver quiver, with that voice that makes sunshine blossom and moonlight stars alight! Your mind is like a memory, a dream I clutch close, and whisper to my heart in hopes it will believe me. Say my name again! Let me hear you murmur the way that makes tremblesContinue reading “voice in the dark…”

Silver stars in my hair..

Twinkle, twinkle little star in his pocket where you are each one an admission of something tender gifted with a smile and a light wink of pleasure I wait and think of you you have gifted me with two but I work for the whole jar so I can scatter them amidst the tendrils ofContinue reading “Silver stars in my hair..”