I bought a waffle-maker! I announced this to my sister in text. She..with her unending dry wit, congratulated me…(I could practically see the eye roll) Thing is, I’m not really a cook, I have slowly been learning… I’ve mastered hamburgers without an undercooked middle section and pancakes that aren’t still raw when you go toContinue reading “Waffles!”

I’m going into labor, sort- of, but not really…

I am adopting a cat. His name, is Eggroll. Yes, Eggroll.. (that’s the name on his online profile). I was surprised to discover that Eggroll is, in fact, a popular name for a cat. I googled it and found quite a few mentions of cats being named Eggroll. I decided to keep the name butContinue reading “I’m going into labor, sort- of, but not really…”